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    Tune In to Urban Hitz Radio... HERE!

    Welcome to the Urban Hitz Radio listener page. Here you can choose the player that you prefer to use, in order to tune into Urban Hitz Radio. Below are 6 recommended media players that you have a choice of to listen with. Please choose the one that you like and use most. Clicking the below links, should launch your preferred player on your computer and start playing the music. If it does not start, please make sure that you ALREADY have the selected player installed onto your computer.

    Our Internet stream broadcasts at 160kbps
    and 64kbps. This requires the use of a broadband internet connection, such as: DSL, Cable, Satellite, WAN, LAN, or other.

    If there is any additional assistance needed with listening and tuning into the station, please let us know.

    Listen with iTunes Listen with Winamp Listen with Windows Media
    itunes.jpg winamp-logo-4380f105fe-seeklogo.com.gif windows_media-logo-e5fed7ad62-seeklogo.com.gif
    Listen with Real Player Listen with Foobar 2000 Listen with Apple Quicktime
    real_player-200.jpg foobar2000-200.png quicktime-logo200.png

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